Christina Huh
Hello. I'm a twenty-something living in Los Angeles trying to keep it together -- mentally and financially. I graduated from USC with a degree in journalism and Arabic at the start of the financial crisis, 2008. While having a fruitless job search, I decided to pursue a fashion degree at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. You know, one profitable industry to another. I'm a full-time student this fall semester. I used to work two jobs -- web production assistant at Marketplace Radio and a sales associate at Mood Designer Fabrics (yes, the Project Runway show store). I quit Mood to dedicate more time to school at the end of 2011. I work about eight hours a week at Marketplace, so I am using my "quit my job" fund to stay afloat. Will I make it out sane and/or without going broke?
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February 14, 2012

When I would go to the market or shopping with my mom when I was little, I always remember when my mom would pull out her checkbook ledger after she handed the cashier a check (this was when people still used checks on a regular basis) to record the spending. It was automatic: Write check, […]