The Psychology of Fear
By on October 12, 2008

The CBS Evening News had a great story about the psychology of fear in the stock market. Of particular note is the cycle of emotions that investors go through. According to CBS, we’re somewhere between despondency/depression and hope. Be sure to check out the graphic on the cycle of emotions and see where you rank […]

Dow Drops 777 Points – Don’t Be Worried!
By on September 30, 2008

If you read the news today, you might have noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 777 points today in response to the financial rescue plan failing to pass in the House of Representatives. Contributing to the uncertainty is Citigroups buyout of Wachovia’s banking operations and the jitters from world markets. Though we may […]

WaMu Bank Has Failed
By on September 26, 2008

Transcripts: It is official, Washington Mutual Bank has failed. I’ll tell you what that means and what’s next for WaMu, coming up next on this special extended audio-only edition of 2MinuteFinance. (Intro) Tonight, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or the FDIC, took over Washington Mutual Bank and sold it to JP Morgan Chase. It is […]

Merrill Lynch is to Bank of America as Lehman Brothers is to…ummm…No One?
By on September 14, 2008

The big news this weekend is that the saga of Lehman Brothers seems to be coming to a head. The federal government is trying to rescue the company, but there are no buyers. The only potential suitor for Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, pulled out of negotiations and purchased Merrill Lynch instead. But what does […]

Welcome to!
By on September 8, 2008

Hello everyone! Welcome to The only video blog on the web dedicated to making you more financially savvy, 2 minutes at a time. According to Money Management International, 90% of US adults have never had a formal education in personal finance. That means, 9 out of 10 adults in the US learned how to […]