By on November 1, 2011
How to Win Cash and Prizes With Your Bank Account

What if every time you made a deposit into your savings account or made a loan payment, you could win $2 million or a new car? Too good to be true? Not anymore. It’s called a prize-linked savings plan and a San Francisco-based startup, Save Up, launched their own version through a public beta today. […]

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By on September 7, 2011
Payment Options on Your Credit Card

Minimum payment, more than minimum and full payments. Sounds straight-forward enough, but each choice can have dramatic effect on how much and how long it will take to pay off your credit card. Learn more about the pros and cons of each option on this episode of 2 Minute Finance. (If you haven’t had a […]

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By on July 29, 2010
Please Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate!

We all know that a lower interest rate on your credit card is a good thing. But what if you’re interest rate is high? Here’s how to have that conversation with your credit card lender to lower your interest rate in 3 easy steps.

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By on May 22, 2009
How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely (Credit Card Basics – Part 3)

Here it is..finally.  The next video in our Credit Card series about how to use your new credit card wisely.  I’ll update this blog post with a transcript within the next few days.  I would love to hear everyone’s comments by posting them below.  Enjoy!

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By on February 21, 2009
Credit Crisis – Visualized

A while back, I discussed the credit crisis a little bit. Now, I’ve found a great video that explains the entire credit crisis in 10 minutes. It’s a worthwhile video to watch and is definitely not a snoozer. (Courtesy of and Jonathan Jarvis)

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