By on October 21, 2011
Using the “Rule of 72” to Double Your Money

If you’ve ever wondered how long it would take you to double your money, look no further than a simple math trick you can do in your head. Learn about the Rule of 72 in two minutes so you can impress your friends and help plan for your own long-term financial goals at the same […]

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By on September 15, 2011
What is a Bond?

Bonds and stocks are talked about together like they’re long-lost brothers. But their relationship is more like distant second cousins. 2MF’s Hunter Patterson will show you what a bond is and how it works in less than 2 minutes.

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By on June 2, 2011
What is a Mutual Fund?

Besides stocks, a mutual fund is a common investment beginning investors get into. But what is a mutual fund exactly? Watch the video to find out the answer in less than 2 minutes.

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By on April 20, 2011
What is a Stock?

We all hear about how we should be investing in stocks, but what is a “stock” exactly? Frankly, the first step to investing is understanding what you’re investing in. So you’re in luck because we just produced a new 2 minute video about what stock is.

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By on September 9, 2008
US Treasury Bills: A Better Way to Save?

Have you ever looked at your savings account and notice how little in interest your bank is paying you on your savings? I’ll explain how you can increase your interest rate by investing in a Treasury Bill rather than putting your money in a savings account on this episode of 2MinuteFinance. After viewing the video, […]

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