Take Charge of Your Money: An Interview With Mint
By on July 25, 2014

You shouldn’t trust others to manage your money for you, you should learn personal financial management skills, and financial advice on cable television networks shouldn’t be headed by everyone. I was recently interviewed by Mint, the web-based Personal Financial Management service. We touched on a number of topics, but most importantly, I give some insights […]

New Website Layout
By on June 15, 2009

Noticed a change? It’s because we just launched a newly redesigned website! Things are laid out a little bit differently now, but overall, the page is more collaborative and will eventually be easier to navigate. The video blog is the primary element of the site and its front and center when you arrive on our […]

2 New Features – Twitter and ShareThis
By on May 22, 2009

We’ve been working on improving the website lately and are proud to announce two new features: 1) We have a new Twitter feed on our website.  If you look to the right side toolbar on the front page, you’ll find a permanent position for our Twitter feed.  Just follow us @2minutefinance for the very latest […]

Follow @2MinuteFinance on Twitter
By on April 23, 2009

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Apologies for the Lack of Updates
By on October 22, 2008

Hi Everyone, If things seem a little bit stale around this site, it’s because we haven’t been able to update our blog for a while.  Due to a perfect storm of video equipment issues, scheduling snafus, and poor video shooting weather, we’ve been unable to produce more videos for the time being.  But fear not, […]

Welcome to 2MinuteFinance.com!
By on September 8, 2008

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2MinuteFinance.com. The only video blog on the web dedicated to making you more financially savvy, 2 minutes at a time. According to Money Management International, 90% of US adults have never had a formal education in personal finance. That means, 9 out of 10 adults in the US learned how to […]