By on October 31, 2011
Banks vs. Credit Unions: What’s the Difference?

Thinking about moving your money out of a big bank and into a local credit union? Get the low down on their differences in this two minute video.

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By on October 21, 2011
Using the “Rule of 72” to Double Your Money

If you’ve ever wondered how long it would take you to double your money, look no further than a simple math trick you can do in your head. Learn about the Rule of 72 in two minutes so you can impress your friends and help plan for your own long-term financial goals at the same […]

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By on August 30, 2011
All About Compound Interest: Friend or Foe?

Compound interest can be a double-edged sword. If you’re saving money, it can be a blessing. But if you borrowed money from a lender, then you’ll probably learn to hate it pretty quickly. We’ll tell you all about compound interest in this latest episode of 2 Minute Finance.

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By on July 29, 2010
Help Me Save Money!

Need to save money but don’t know where to start? Here’s 3 easy tips for you to follow to start building your savings. (On a side note, if this looks familiar, you’re right. We’ve covered this topic before. But hey, it’s the NEW 2 Minute Finance. We felt like figuring out a better way to […]

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By on November 4, 2008
How to Start Saving Money

With the markets down and the economy going down the tubes…there’s no better time than now to start building up your savings. I’ll tell you how to do that and some safe places to stash your money on this episode of 2MinuteFinance. Video Transcripts: With the markets down and the economy going down the tubes…there’s […]

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